Caravan Tyres

Springmill Tyres understand how critically important it is to have safe and legal caravan tyres. There is nothing worse than planning a trip in the caravan to end up having yourholiday spoiled by your tyres letting you down. Springmill tyres always have a large range of caravan tyres at cheap affordable prices. So don't let your caravan tyres spoil your holiday, get cheap, reliable and good quality tyres from Springmill Tyres.

The reason why caravan tyres are frequently overlooked is that they are often half hidden under the vehicle. Additionally it is not easy to manoeuvre a caravan in and out of a tyre depot, this is not the problem at Springmill Tyres, there is plenty of room for a caravan.

Most caravans are fitted with 13 inch tyres, but 14 inch tyres are now being widely used on new models.

Caravan tyres, like all car or light commercial tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in order to be legal. However, due to the infrequent use and low mileage of many caravan tyres it is good practice to consider replacing them every five years.


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